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The Captain Action doll-- from Ideal!
Captain Action actually began life as an action figure from Ideal Toys, a popular toy-maker in the 1960's.  Based on the success of the G.I. Joe, Captain Action was a posable doll for which a boy could buy many accessories.  What made Captain Action unique was the nature of the accessories:  Captain Action kits could be purchased that would transform the figure into many popular TV and comic-book heroes-- Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Green Hornet, and the Lone Ranger to name but a few.  Captain Action's partner, Action Boy, could be transformed into the junior heroes, like Robin or Kato, and you could even purchase a kit to turn their dog into Krypto!
Captain Action-- fresh out of the box!
Captain Action
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The comic-book that started as a toy!
Captain Action #1
Captain Action #2
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Captain Action
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Conceived as a mini-series both to advertise and provide a mythos for the toy, the CAPTAIN ACTION comic-book was produced by DC Comics in 1968.  The first issue was dated October-November, 1968.  CAPTAIN ACTION ran five issues, introducing the Captain, revealed to be a widower with one son-- Action Boy.  Together they fought against Dr. Evil to protect America and the world.  Typical of many Silver Age DC Comics, the book had terrific art, provided by Wally Wood, Gil Kane, and Dick Giordano.
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