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The Gunhawks

The GUNHAWKS was just one of an explosion of titles realeased by Marvel Comics in the fall of 1972.  Roy Thomas, long Stan Lee's right-hand man, had succeeded his mentor as Editor-In-Chief of Marvel (when Lee became Publisher). One of his first acts was to radically expand the line with comics of all genres--Westerns, pulp heroes, horror, etc.  The only comics which really lost out were Marvel's romance & humor comics, with MILLIE THE MODEL ending a 200+ issue run.
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Reno Jones--the Gunhawk!
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#1: October, 1972 - #7: October, 1973
The Gunhawks
The Gunhawks
The Gunhawks
The Gunhawks
The Gunhawks
The Gunhawks
With the death of Kid Cassidy in issue #6, the title of the book changed with #7 to the solo GUNHAWK.  Surely, this was one of the first Western comics ever to feature a black lead character.
Unfortunately, GUNHAWK #7 was to be the book's final issue. Despite Roy Thomas' best efforts, Westerns-- along with all other non-super-hero comics (except, maybe, CONAN)--just ran out of steam in the early 1970's.
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